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2019/9/11   >>Archives    >>日本

Kyoto Uzumasa Osake-Shrine and Kaiko no Yashiro Shrine

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2019/7/9   >>Archives    >>日本

Lecture of IICC KANSAI (Israel Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kansai Headquarters)

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2019/7/7   >>Archives    >>日本

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2019/511   >>Archives    >>日本

Hiraoka Shrine
Located at the foot of Mr. Ikoma and listed in the Engishiki, an ancient book of government statutes, this historic shrine was the highest ranked shrine in the Kawachi-no-Kuni province (modern-day eastern Osaka prefecture). They say the shrine was founded before the first emperor of Japan took the throne.
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2019/5/3   >>Archives    >>日本

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2019/4/24   >>Archives    >>日本

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2017/12/19   >>Archives    >>日本

The purpose of this meeting is to share with you some of the findings that verify Biblical influences in Japanese and Asian cultures, languages, customs and religions. (information gathered and examined over the past 10+ years.)・・・more information

2015/6/28   >>Archives    >>日本

In April, 2015, Mr. Koji Soma was given Honorary Professor status by the Moldova State Pedagogical University. Presentation by Rector Nicolas Chicus,along with Mrs. S. Sava, in Chisinau, Moldova ・・・more information

2012/10/30   >>Archives    >>日本

Maps of the Ancient World of Asia - BCE 2500 to 500 -
These maps tell a story of International Communication, Commerce, Travel and Exchange.
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2012/10/25   >>Archives    >>日本

Is the Chinese character “SUN” actually originating from Egypt?

In Egypt, the symbol appears in ancient heiroglyphics - Ra = God of the SUN
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