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Chinese Character for Sun - Creator God from Egypt?
2012/10/25   >>日本

Is the Chinese character “SUN” actually originating from Egypt?

In Egypt, the symbol appears in ancient heiroglyphics - Ra = God of the SUN

Heiroglyphics from Egypt

In Chinese Bible, the same character, “Tai” is used for The Creator God

Ancient Chinese Bamboo Scripts - 4 BCE

In Japan, the God of Ise Shrine (The Shrine of the Japanese Emperor), is Tai-ichi (the Great One). It is the same symbol as used in Egypt and China.

Ise Tai Ichi character
In Hittite Kingdom - Anatolian Museum - Sun Disks

Hittite Sun Disks - Anatolian Museum, Turkey
Image from Great Synagogue,Jerusalem,Israel

A few of the many Bible references to God as The SUN:
Ps.72:17; Ps. 84:11; Ps. 89:36; Ps. 148:3; Matt. 13:43; Matt. 17:2; Rev. 1:16; Rev. 10:1; Rev.Rev.19:17

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